Managed Services

What do we do?
Web Tec Factory offers a fully managed service from a single device pilot project right the way through to a fully scalable rollout. 

Two levels of service are available, Standard and Premium.

Standard Managed Service

Our Standard Managed Service offering provides a hosted service for the monitoring and management of your public access terminal network. It includes:

Remote Monitoring
Our Managed Services Centre continually monitors your public access devices. In the event of failure of the device or on specific error conditions, a nominated person will be contacted.

Content Management
Distribution of content to a kiosk network can be a complex process. Our Managed Services Centre takes full responsibility for this task. You provide us with updated content and we distribute to the appropriate devices. The content can be anything from simple price changes for surfing or printing through to a complete new interface.

By continually collecting data from all of the kiosks in the network this is stored on our server for later analysis. We provide you with a secure web-site where you can access a range of reports providing information on.

  • Kiosk usage. For example, the top pages that have been accessed
  • Kiosk revenue
  • Operational Performance

Premium Managed Service

Our Premium Managed Service is provided for customers who want Netshift to take complete responsibility for the day to day operation and management of their public access terminal network. In addition to the features of the Standard Managed Service offering, it includes:

Fault Diagnosis
In the event of a device failure, Netshift will diagnose the cause of the failure and determine if it is a hardware, software or networking problem.

Problem Management
We will take full responsibility of managing a problem through to resolution using both our own expertise and coordinating the work of third-parties as required.

Software Management
As well as managing the kiosk content, Web Tec Factory will also update the software infrastructure including the Windows operating system and any other third-party applications.